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Congratulations to the Class of 2021

With admiration and respect, the congratulations of all in the Scotch community go to the remarkable young men of the Class of 2021 for such impressive VCE and ATAR results.

As it is each year at this time, only individual students and families can set accomplishment to circumstance. Only they truly know how talent and effort have married with opportunity amidst the slings and arrows. After two years of uncertainty punctuated with separation and restriction, this assumes particular resonance. We have all had time to ponder and set achievements such as those we now celebrate in broader context. Such reflection forms habits that linger longer than test results; habits that give purpose to stride when stepping through the doors pushed open by examination scores.

In such spirit we celebrate this fine accomplishment across the rich canvas of our non-selective entry. The details below summarise results, but no tabulation, time sequenced or otherwise, could attempt to capture the individual quirks and contributions of the Class of 2021. Such intrinsic qualities need to be experienced first hand.

Future paths will be as rich and varied as the personalities and talents of those now stepping out charged to challenge, support and do their bit.

The wit, vitality and love of many are invested in such cause. My thanks and congratulations go to all involved: boys, members of staff and parents.

To the Class of 2021: your unity, virtuosity and good humoured conversation will be dearly missed. Through testing times, your purpose, good grace and communal responsibility have continued to see you flourish. Perhaps most importantly, your awareness of, respect for, and desire to embrace difference, both within and beyond, have inspired optimism for the future.

It has been a privilege to share something of your experience.

In thanking you for all you have given to your School, we look forward to welcoming you back to learn of those you have met and what you make of it all.

Tom Batty


2021 VCE and ATAR Success

  • Seven boys: Ryan Ahl, Andres Buritica Monroy, Roy Chalmers, Jason Chi, Max Fan, Richard Liu and William McCann received an ATAR of 99.95, and are, therefore, the duces of Scotch College for 2021
  • Nine boys (3.8% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 99.90 or more (top 0.1% in the population)
  • 20 boys (8.5% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 99.50 or more (top 0.5% in the population)
  • 30 boys (12.8% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  99 or more (top 1% in the population)
  • 50 boys (21.4% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  98 or more (top 2% in the population)
  • 74 boys (31.6% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  95 or more (top 5% in the population)
  • 110 boys (47.0% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  90 or more (top 10% in the population)
  • 164 boys (70.1% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  80 or more (top 20% in the population)
  • The median ATAR was 88.85
  • Early measures of ‘value add’, comparing ability testing data from earlier years and ATAR scores show the highest average growth recorded since we started such measurement in 2012 and indicate an exceptionally strong performance from this cohort

(Note: the population referred to in the ATAR statistics above is the population of the State-wide Year 7 cohort from 2016, including those students who moved or left school before Year 12.)

  • There were 19 ‘perfect’ scores of 50 across ten subjects.
  • Eight Year 12 boys obtained scores of 50, including: Ryan Ahl (Economics and Specialist Mathematics), Andres Buritica Monroy (Physics and Specialist Mathematics), Max Fan (English), Xavier Joyce (Business Management) and Michael Ojaimi (Physics).
  • Seven Year 11 boys obtained scores of 50, including: Aaron Do (Mathematical Methods), Kunyue (Tom) He (Mathematical Methods), Liam Kenneally (Psychology), Minh (Tommy) Le (Mathematical Methods), Alexander Ludovici (Mathematical Methods), David Lumsden (Mathematical Methods) and Brendan Zhang (Physics).
  • One Year 7 boy obtained a score of 50: William Cheah (Specialist Mathematics).

2021 Duces

From L to R, Front Row: Mr I T Batty, Jason Chi, William McCann, Ryan Ahl, Ms A Christensen. Second Row: Mr G Wemyss, Roy Chalmers, Max Fan, Richard Liu, Mr J Kearney.

Absent: Andres Buritica Monroy