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COVID-19 Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Following the Government’s advice requiring Australians to work from home wherever possible, the School is restricting onsite operations to those which are essential. As a consequence, reception offices will be closed from tomorrow, Thursday, 26th March, until otherwise advised.

Teaching staff will continue their provision of remote learning from home, and remain contactable by e-mail, until the end of Term. For important matters that arise during the Easter break, please contact, by e-mail, your son’s Head of House (Upper School boys) or Form Teacher (Middle School boys). For such communication regarding Junior School boys, please e-mail the Junior School office.

For the remainder of the Term, we will continue to accommodate, during school hours, those boys whose families are unable to make alternative arrangements for their remote learning. Such boys should report to the Centre for Learning (Senior School boys) or the Junior School office (Junior School boys).

The School is sensitive to the challenges facing boys and families as we enter a more remote environment. The world of technology allows us to continue to pursue many of the aspects of our normal lives, but there will be gaps. It is important that we stay safely connected, sharing experiences, news and opportunities for engagement.

To such end, we will, later today, be launching on our webpage a zone Keeping Scotch Connected, which will, across eight sections (Keeping Everyone Safe, Chaplaincy, Our Community, Health and Wellbeing, Boys, Teaching and Learning, Boarding and Staff) and in the spirit of a parish newsletter, provide information and engagement for our community in this remote environment. Each section has a designated member of staff to propagate interest and content. The first four sections will be in the public domain, while the last four will sit behind the firewall. It will evolve with time and we beg your patience.

On behalf of the School, I take opportunity to draw your attention to the guidance of the Government: ‘Australians should stay at home, unless shopping for essentials, travelling to and from work, where you cannot work from home, going to school and exercising. Keep visitors to your home at a minimum. In outdoor spaces do not congregate in groups.’

At this time, we intend to resume normal classes on the first day of Term 2, Wednesday, 15th April. Parents will, in the first instance, be informed of any change to the School’s operations.

Scotch is blessed with a truly remarkable community. I know that while taking care of loved ones, members of the Scotch community will also look to support each other.

In thanking you for such continued support, I send best wishes to you and those you for whom you care.

Yours sincerely,

I Tom Batty

Principal                                                                                                                              25th March, 2020


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