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Message From The Principal - 24th January 2022

24th January 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,

With optimism and excitement, I offer warm welcome to the start of the Scotch year. I send particular greeting to those new to Scotch, as I reflect with fondness on all you have before you.

Around the world, young people and their families, and all involved in education, are embracing the return to once familiar patterns of school life. Steps remain, and I take opportunity to outline a number of points in keeping with the Victorian Government’s return to school COVID guidelines.

  • No student or family member should come onto the campus if they display COVID symptoms.
  • For the first four weeks of term, the Government recommends boys take rapid antigen tests twice weekly on school days. Should a student test positive, the School should be informed, via the Junior School Reception (Junior School students), Middle School Reception (Middle School students) and Heads of House (Upper School students), and families should follow government guidelines (, including those regarding a return to School. We have been advised that the School will be provided with a supply of rapid antigen tests to give to parents. Further information regarding their distribution will follow once they arrive.
  • Should boys have need to be away from School, work will be set and monitored in the normal manner of provision for boys absent through illness.
  • Boys in Years 3-12 must wear a facemask indoors at all times. Facemasks are encouraged for younger boys when similarly engaged.
  • When students or members of staff test positive, the School will contact the families of relevant cohorts. If the students in these cohorts display no symptoms they can continue to attend school.
  • The School will endeavour to keep as many events as possible in in-person setting, noting that this may well involve alteration to format and scheduling, including, particularly for the first four weeks of term, shift to online delivery. Further information regarding specific events will follow in due course.
  • Further information will follow regarding interschool sport.
  • There are a number of matters specific to boarders and their families, and further details will be provided by the Dean of Boarding to those who call the Hill home.
  • As always, visitors during School hours must report, on arrival, to the relevant receptions.

Thanks to the skill and efforts of our wonderful staff, the School looks magnificent and is fast approaching full speed for the return of those who define our purpose. We look forward to their return and the privilege of playing our part in influencing all they might become. 

Yours sincerely,

I Tom Batty