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Science Week 2018

Electric super cars, the rubber hand experiment, the microworld, a taste session, bike n'blend and the classic Chemistry show helped engage boys in the sciences during the 2018 Science Week. Year 9 boys also attended the bad science show and Year 10s enjoyed the zorb ball physics activity.2018 Science Oration

The pinnacle of the week was the annual Science Oration, which this year was given by Dr Drew Berry who spoke on the topic of 'The molecular machines that create your flesh and blood'. A biomedical animations manager, Dr Berry had wonderful images as part of his presentation which discussed DNA and even showed paracites penetrating blood cells. He introduced the concept state of the art 3D domes which consider inner-space as well as outer-space, showing some of the recent breakthroughs in technology. Many of his animations are used by Scotch boys in their studies in Biology.

2018 Science Oration 2