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The Rioli Family Indigenous Scholarship

Rioli Family Indigenous Scholarship fundraising target reached.

Over a 24-hour period last week, it was evident that the spirit to support that which needs supporting runs deeply throughout our community.

The Scotch Family again demonstrated its capacity and desire to challenge and support, this time in giving generously to the Rioli Family Indigenous Scholarship appeal; whether it was:

  • the generous matching donors who allowed each contribution during the 24-hour period to be quadrupled;
  • the many current and past families who gave so generously on line;
  • the boys and staff in both the Senior and Junior Schools who so enthusiastically embraced the cause, and so generously supported it; or,
  • the many parents who gave of their time and kindness to assist in the call centre on the day.

We sincerely thank the Rioli family for the honour of associating their name with this initiative.

Thanks to the generosity of the Scotch Family, the $2M target to endow perpetually, three Indigenous Scholarships was reached at 7:59pm – with only 15 seconds remaining on the clock! - the final total being $2,126,992.

The Indigenous Scholarship Program is an integral thread of the rich Scotch canvas. We have been humbled that the School’s commitment to the program has been so passionately embraced and so demonstratively supported across our community.

Watching Shannon Rioli hold Junior and Senior School assembly audiences in the palm of his hand and having opportunity to listen to the ten Old Boys of the Program who attended the Rioli Family Scholarship Dinner on Wednesday evening, forcefully brought home the significance of affording such opportunities.

There is, of course, a broader picture, and it can be witnessed through the impact students of the Program have had on our community: shared opportunities, shared experiences and shared understanding.

We thank everyone who supported this appeal: you have made something very special at the heart of the School burn brightly. In the Assembly words of Shannon Rioli (’09): ‘In the true spirit of a strong and selfless community, we have managed to create a special opportunity that I hope will go a long way in helping young Indigenous men accomplish their dreams.’

Tom Batty                                                                                 Tim Shearer

Principal                                                                                    Director of Development 

30 May 2022