Ian Roach Hall

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“Ian Roach Hall is the best kept secret in Australia.”

Roland Peelman, Artistic Director, The Song Company

The James Forbes Academy is the home for the schools of music and drama at Scotch College.  The 500 seat auditorium, Ian Roach Hall, is used by pupils and visiting guest musicians, and hosts symphony orchestras and intimate chamber orchestras.

The music auditorium features outstanding acoustics designed by Arup Engineers. Listening during rehearsals and performances reveals an extremely well balanced sound, with warm reverberance across all frequencies and a particularly rich bass. A fullness of tone allows the strings to sing and the woodwind to float over the strings.  The sound is clear yet enveloping. The balance between orchestra and soloist is perfect, allowing the youngest of soloists to play with confidence. 

Arup’s acoustic design of the Ian Roach Hall focussed on orchestral and chamber music repertoire, enhancing Scotch College’s reputation for orchestral sound. To assist with the performer ensemble, an overhead reflector and choir gallery were introduced. Close integration of the acoustic and architectural requirements resulted in a highly modelled and heavily diffused finish to the auditoria wall and ceilings.


Acoustic Details


Form: Modified shoebox
Seating: 500 seats; stalls 360, Circle 140
Orchestra capacity: 80
Choir capacity: 40
Length: 17m (stage edge to rear wall)
Width: 19m stalls
Height: 12m (average stalls to ceiling height)
Stalls rake: 11.5º
Walls/ceiling: Plywood and MDF
Floor: Timber


Stage area: 160m2
Stage height: 750mm
Downstage width: 16m
Upstage width: 13.5m
Depth: 10.45m
Canopy height: 8m
Stage floor: Timber