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Junior School

Scotch College is one of the oldest schools in Australia. Situated on the banks of the Yarra River, it operates in association with the Presbyterian Church of Victoria to nurture students in a challenging yet caring environment.

The Junior School is situated within redeveloped and historically significant buildings and grounds within Scotch College. It is able to use all the campus facilities and has the advantages of being part of a Prep to Year 12 school, whilst maintaining a character and identity of its own. The Junior School has an open entry policy with an enrolment of 430 day boys. Main entry points are at Prep and Year 4.

The teaching staff in the Junior School are highly qualified educators, with several holding statewide leadership positions in particular subject areas, curriculum development and educational innovation. Subject teachers and school assistants support class teachers to fully cater for the interests and needs of all boys.

Scotch Junior School has a broad and challenging curriculum that aims to cater for the varying needs of every child. Emphasis is placed on achieving the highest possible standards in numeracy and literacy.

Junior School programmes are based on an integrated curriculum, in which students learn in the most meaningful way. Extensive assistance and the best of facilities enable the teaching staff to offer a first class education for students of all ability levels. The boys in the Junior School have access to the very latest in Information and Communication Technologies to enhance their learning.

More detailed information about the Junior School can be found under Admissions.