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Scotch College Vision

Statements of Strategic Intent


The factors which contribute to the making of a great school are rich and varied, so how do we ensure this one-off journey through the school years delivers opportunities, experiences and outcomes which resonate throughout a lifetime?

We need to consider the school we are, have been, and will become, and the roads along which we will travel.


Scotch College exists for educational purposes in connection with the Presbyterian Church of Victoria. In our Memorandum and Articles of Association is the requirement for the College to provide for its students ‘an education of a humane, scientific and general nature consistent with the teachings of Christianity’ and ‘to encourage each student to achieve the highest standard of which he is capable in all his activities and the full development of the personality and sense of responsibility of each student and respect for others and capacity to work with them so as to promote the development of Christian ideals of citizenship, personal character and a spirit of reverence in the entire life and work of the College.’


‘to deliver an education which, secure in the traditions of our past and our Christian belief, opens boys’ minds to the rich diversity of the world in which they live and challenges them to question and explore everything they find, with integrity, humour and compassion. And to do this in an exciting, intimate environment which nurtures self-expression and self-worth while promoting the uniqueness of each boy’s journey.’


Scotch will be:

  • a school which sits at the heart of its community; a place of belonging;
  • a school which offers a distinctive brand of education built on the traditions of our past, our Christian belief, our strong academic focus and our confidence in embracing innovation and progress;
  • respected as a leader in education on local, national and world stages;
  • a school which produces leaders in communities, enterprises and governments;
  • a school where each boy and each member of staff is known and valued.

We will deliver an education, which, for each boy:

  • improves opportunity to discover interests and talents, so that, in finding a peg on which to hang his hat, he comes to realise the world has many pegs for his many hats;
  • improves outcomes, both in those things which are measured, and those for which these are formative years: his sense of self; interaction and dealings with others; engagement with family and with communities near and far;
  • nurtures an appreciation of how the world has evolved and could be made to evolve, and promotes curiosity, individuality and independence of thought, while inculcating a strong sense of compassion, community, service and belonging;
  • empowers him to challenge those things which need challenging and support those which need supporting in service to the greater good.

And what roads will we take?

From experience and research we know the importance that feedback, interactions and relationships have in developing interests and improving outcomes. We will promote and inculcate these into the culture of Scotch through:

  • leadership and setting expectations;
  • recruiting and retaining the very best staff;
  • developing our curriculum (what we teach/do and how we teach/do it);
  • developing those opportunities in our school that provide the framework in which boys and staff interact and forge relationships through intimacy and knowledge;
  • developing the physical environment of our school, to provide a landscape in which boys and staff interact and forge relationships through intimacy and knowledge.

Our strategic priorities are:

  • targeting our pastoral care and co-curricular activities to the needs of each boy;
  • directing our teaching to the learning styles and needs of each boy with emphasis on a conversational style of learning;
  • developing our buildings and grounds in support of the above two points.

By taking this journey we will reinforce Scotch’s place as a Great Australian School. As such, we stand on the shoulders of the achievements of our boys long after they have sung their last doxology and wended their way from Morrison Street, be it in professions, business, public service, service to others, or as a husband and father.

 | Tom Batty