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About the Scholarship Program

A Scotch College scholarship can be a life-changing opportunity. Scholarships have been a consistent part of Scotch College’s history and are a vital ingredient in its continuing diversity and vibrancy. Many past scholarship recipients have gone on to achieve great success, while positively and actively contributing to the wider community.

The Scotch College Scholarship Program provides opportunities for talented students who are keen to learn and reach their full potential while contributing to school life, irrespective of the financial circumstances of their families. Scholarship recipients gain access to exceptional academic, co-curricular and service-learning opportunities.

Scotch College awards four types of scholarships:

Scholarship recipients are awarded reductions in tuition and/or boarding fees for the duration of their time at the school. Varying forms of academic testing underpin the scholarship selection process for most scholarship categories. Read more about the application process here.

For each scholarship type, we offer both means-tested and non-means tested categories. Means-tested scholarships are available for lower income families who meet the income threshold requirements. As part of the application process, those applying for means-tested scholarships will be required to demonstrate they meet these requirements. Read more about eligibility requirements here.

An application fee of $125 is applicable for all Academic Excellence, General Excellence and Boarding scholarship applications. Terms and conditions apply.

We celebrate an enduring culture and commitment to giving, whether through the spirit of service or by enabling an education for boys who otherwise may not have the opportunity to attend Scotch. Generous gifts from donors allow the school to offer scholarships to boys from all around Australia. We thank our community for their generous contributions to our scholarship program and for sharing our vision to build an exceptional community of learning.

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