Boarding School

Boarding School

Scotch College has been accepting boarders ever since the College started in 1851 and boarders are an integral part of the school community.

On the ‘Hill’, overlooking the Scotch Senior School, the College’s 150 boarders live in one of three separate boarding houses: School House, McMeckan House and Arthur Robinson House. The houses are set around a broad drive and are surrounded by trees and beautiful, well-manicured gardens.

About 70% of boarders are from rural Victoria and southern New South Wales and about 25% from overseas. Whilst most boys are full time boarders, some boys are weekly boarders, enjoying the benefits of a caring, supervised environment on the campus during the week, leaving weekends free to relax at home.

The boarding school is a welcoming and supportive community which emphasises the development of self-confidence, independence and a tolerance and understanding of others. Boarders can take full advantage of the breadth of Scotch’s teaching and co-curricular programmes and facilities whilst living in a structured and well supervised environment.

Houses are under the direction of a Head of House, who is a member of the teaching staff and resides in the House with his family. Two single members of staff are also resident in each house, with two other staff members living in flats and houses nearby.  The resident House matron looks after laundry, sewing and basic first aid. Overall responsibility for ‘The Hill’ rests with the Dean of Boarding, who meets regularly with the Heads of House. In all there are about 20 members of staff providing care and encouragement for boarders.

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