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Swap Shop

Swap Shop

The Scotch College Swap Shop is run by the Scotch College Parents’ Associations.
Pre-owned uniform items are available for purchase from the Swap Shop located within The Scotch Shop in the Tolson Centre at 4 Morrison St Hawthorn.

Hours of Operation

Term 1, Term 2 and Term 4
Monday 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Wednesday 8.00am – 11.30am
Saturday (1st of every month) 9.00am – 11.00am

Term 3

Wednesday8.00am – 11.30am


Special opening times will be communicated via email as required.

All sales are processed via your son’s school account.

Please note: The Swap Shop does not exchange or refund purchases so we suggest you have your son try on all apparel before purchase.


The Swap Shop accepts all freshly washed uniform items as donations. Donations can be left in a box at the School’s Main Reception at 1 Morrison Street or at the Scotch Shop during opening hours. 


Consignment conditions:

1.  The Swap Shop accepts the following items for consignment provided they are in good condition, clean, pressed and not requiring any mending (including buttons or trouser hooks).

  • Suit Coats
  • Current Shell jacket
  • Current Sports uniform 
  • Candy coat (dry-cleaned with special pocket removed. Pin original pocket onto the coat).   


2.  Any consigned item in an unsatisfactory condition (unclean or requiring mending) will be deemed a donation.

3.  Any uniform item which becomes obsolete will be removed from consignment and donated to a Scotch community project where possible.

4.  If an item is not sold within 2 years of consignment it will be deemed a donation.

5.  For items sold on consignment the Swap Shop credits two thirds of the sale proceeds back to your school account. For families who have left the school a cheque for two thirds of the sale proceeds will be sent out once a year. Accumulated sales of $10 or less are considered a donation.                                                     

Items to be consigned can be left in a bag at the Senior School Reception with a completed consignment form (see below) or at the Scotch Shop during its opening hours. 


Would you like to make some new friends in your son’s year level & have a spare 2 hours per month become a Swap Shop volunteer? Just send an email to: swap@scotch.vic.edu.au stating your name, mobile number, working with children number and email address.


Proceeds from the Swap Shop are used to support School projects and general student activities within the school, as well as charitable projects.

Please contact Karena Simpson, President Scotch College Swap Shop at swap@scotch.vic.edu.au or call 0409 855 437 if you have any questions.

Items to be consigned can be left in a bag at the Senior School Reception at 1 Morrison Street or at the Scotch Shop during opening hours with a completed consignment form.

Consignment Form