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Bequest Program


Generations of Scotch boys have benefited from the generosity of men and women who, over the years, have bequeathed gifts to the School or to the Scotch College Foundation.

These gifts have had a profound impact on the lives of Scotch boys, through scholarship opportunities, by developing teaching and learning facilities, and by supporting staff and the School’s programs.

A gift in a Will can be a way of saying thank you, honouring a loved and respected relative, recognising a valued member of staff or friend, investing in the future, or providing a Scotch education for those who otherwise cannot afford it.

Bequests are the most effective way of providing benefits for future generations of Scotch Collegians. Bequests may be a share of an estate, cash, items of personal property or real estate. Anyone who commits to leaving a bequest to the College becomes a member of the Alexander Morrison Circle.

The Alexander Morrison Circle is named after the second Principal of Scotch College, Alexander Morrison (1857-1903). He was instrumental in building the School into the leading educational institution that it is today. The Circle has the purpose of encouraging members of the Scotch Family to make a bequest or future gift to the school and to give recognition to those who have already made this generous commitment.

Over the years, Scotch has been the grateful recipient of many unexpected bequests. We would like to be able to acknowledge and thank the people who confirm a bequest in their lifetime and give them the recognition they deserve. This will be done through the Alexander Morrison Circle.

Bequest Booklet

Bequest Form

Codicil Form

For further information about making a bequest to Scotch please contact:

Sandra Dick
Bequest Program Manager
Scotch College Foundation
Phone: 9810 4163
email: sandra.dick@scotch.vic.edu.au