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Foundation Programs

Members of the Scotch Family are encouraged to join the Scotch College Foundation by committing at any of the Foundation membership giving levels by way of a one-off gift or a five-year pledge. In addition to its Major Gifts and Gifts Program, the Foundation also runs the School’s Annual Community Giving Program, which commenced in 1977, and allows every member of the School community to support Scotch philanthropically.
The Life Support for Scotch Program has been introduced for Old Boys of all ages. This program involves Old Boys donating the amount corresponding to their years out from school in a dollar value, on a monthly direct debit basis. For example, if an Old Boy left Scotch eight years ago, he is invited to donate $8 per month by direct debit this year, increasing to $9 per month next year, and so on.
The Foundation also features a Bequest Program. This vital program encourages members of the Scotch Family to remember Scotch in their estate planning.