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The Foundation is governed by a board, composed of the President, two Vice-Presidents, other members elected by membership category, the President of the Old Scotch Collegians’ Association and ex officio members. The board meets quarterly and holds its annual general meeting in May. The present Foundation President is Mike Sim (’78).

The board’s charter is to ensure appropriate and accountable management of funds held by the Scotch College Foundation, and to ensure that all matters of governance are adhered to. It also supports the School’s fundraising programs.

Scotch College Foundation (Inc.) Board

PresidentMichael Sim(Trustee)
Vice PresidentPaul Aberdeen(Trustee)
Vice PresidentDavid Yu(Forbes Society/Trustee)
Board Members:  
Board MemberJohn Batchelor(Trustee)
Board MemberAnna Campbell-Findlay(Senior Fellow)
Board MemberJohn Camuglia(Senior Fellow)
Board MemberRob Hand(Trustee)
Board MemberJames Ho(Senior Fellow)
Board MemberDerek Humphery-Smith(Associate Fellow)
Board MemberSam Hunt(Fellow)
Board MemberWilson Lai(Forbes Society/Trustee)
Board MemberWill Lempriere(Senior Trustee)
Board MemberDiana McNamara(Trustee)
Board MemberAmy Tennent(Foundation Patron)
Board MemberHamish Whitehead(Trustee)
PrincipalScott Marsh(Guest)
School CouncilTBC(Guest)
BursarRoss Congleton(Guest)
Head of Advancement/Foundation Executive DirectorTim Shearer(Guest)
Finance ManagerSimon Reichelt(Guest)
OSCA Executive DirectorScott Montgomery(Guest)
OSCA PresidentStephen Webster(Guest)
Foundation Staff  
Head of Advancement/Foundation Executive DirectorTim Shearer 
Head of Advancement PA/Foundation CoordinatorRebecca Mortimer 
Foundation Bequest Program Manager Sandra Dick 
Foundation CoordinatorCindy Huang 
Foundation CoordinatorHugh Wilson 
2024 Foundation AGM Forms  
Form TypeLink to document 
Notice of MeetingAGM – Notice of Meeting 2024 
AgendaAGM – Agenda 2024 
Nomination FormAGM – Nomination Form 2024 
Form of ProxyAGM – Nomination Form 2024 

Foundation Annual Report

2023 Foundation Annual Report