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Scotch Shop Updates

Senior School Winter Uniform - Terms 2 and 3

As indicated on pages 8 and 9 of the Student Record Book, boys are required to wear full school uniform during Terms 2 and 3. This comprises: suit, white shirt, Scotch College tie, black leather shoes, and grey or black socks. I note that:

       · hoodies, including the Scotch Sport hoodie, are not to be worn from Monday to Friday. The Scotch Sport hoodie is to be worn on Saturdays only.
       · earlier versions of the Scotch shell jacket are no longer part of the School uniform.

It is an expectation that all boys wear full school uniform, including their suit coat, to and from school. The only exceptions to this is that the shell jacket may be worn as the outermost garment and Year 12 boys may wear the blue jumper as an alternative to the suit coat.

The suit coat is required at school for formal occasions, such as assemblies.

In addition, boy’s personal grooming must be appropriate. This includes being clean shaven and having hair of an appropriate length and style.

Any boy who arrives at school not suitably attired for all aspects of the school day, or inappropriately groomed, will be asked to return home until he is able to return to school appropriately attired and groomed.

I also take opportunity to remind that current COVID-19 protocols require boys to carry a mask at all times and wear it (correctly) when travelling on public transport.

Rob McLaren
Vice Principal



New Sports Hoodie Available Now

The new Scotch Sports Hoodie is available in store now for senior school students only.


Payment Options

Please note that all purchases of new uniforms and merchandise must be paid for at the time of purchase by using cash, debit or credit card. No purchases of new uniforms and Scotch merchandise can be made via the school fee account.

Parents are encouraged to use the online portal to pre-purchase items and boys can collect the ordered items the next day from the Scotch Shop. Items can be tried on for size when boys visit the Scotch Shop.

Purchases made at the Swap Shop can be made via the school fee account.

Sports Shorts Recall

If your son’s sports shorts are defective:

  • Parents (or boys) are requested to return the shorts to the Scotch Shop, where they will be replaced with an exchange pair of sports shorts at no charge.
  • Boys are asked to wear these shorts in the interim until the replacement shorts are in stock.

When defective shorts are returned to the Scotch Shop your contact details will be recorded, and you will be notified when the replacement shorts are in store, which will be some time in Term 3.

Please note that interim replacement shorts will only be issued in exchange for faulty shorts, and that the interim shorts must be returned when collecting the final pair of shorts some time in Term 3.


COVID-19 Safety Measures

Please note that the Scotch Shop is accessible without the requirement of an appointment and that standard retail social distancing and other COVID measures are in place.


Customers are asked to QR Code for contact tracing purposes..