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Issues from 1998


Supporting a reading culture

On Tuesday 18th July, a group of parents and teachers met in the Senior Library. Each arrived with a purposeful air and a book in their hand.

Literature Circles Group They had come out of their warm homes on that wild and windy night because of their love of reading. They were trailblazers and were on a mission to support a reading culture at Scotch. They were at the first gathering of a new interest group called "Literature Circles". In fact that first night we had two circles meeting… auspicious beginning!

'Literature Circles' aims to provide an opportunity for parents and teachers, with an interest in reading to come together in an informal setting to share the books that they have been reading. Even if time has not allowed much reading in some households recently, participants can talk about a memorable book they once read.

On that cold July evening, our sharing was casual and relaxed. We were warmed by the delicious food, the warming beverages and the camaraderie that comes from common interests.

If you are a reader, or if you wish you had more time for reading, or if indeed you would like to meet other Scotch readers, join us at our next 'Literature Circles' on Tuesday 10 October and Wednesday 15 November at 6.30 for 7.00 p.m. in the Senior School Library.

For further enquiries, you are invited to contact Su Laird, Secretary of the Library Auxiliary on 9509 6406 or Suzette Boyd, Head of the Library on 9810 4272

Ms Suzette Boyd

Updated: Monday 24 June 2013