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Issues from 1998


Weekly boarding at Scotch

Responding to numerous requests over recent years, the Principal, Dr Gordon Donaldson, has announced that, starting in 2001, the School will be offering 'weekly boarding' places for students wishing to stay in the Boarding House from Monday to Thursday and return home for weekends.

Doug Galbraith Like other boarders and day students, weekly boarders will participate in the full spectrum of school activities, including inter-school sporting competitions.

Whilst the introduction of the new boarding alternative does not represent a shift of focus away from the provision of full weekly accommodation for boys with homes far from Melbourne, the increased flexibility of this new arrangement is certain to appeal to many families.

Inquiries in the past for weekly boarding have come from busy professional families, from country families who live close to Melbourne and from parents with regular commitments away from the city. Weekly boarding will also greatly benefit those boys who would otherwise spend long periods each day, travelling to and from school. This will give them valuable extra time to devote to their studies and pursue other activities such as sports and music.

In recent years, weekly boarding has become very popular with parents in Sydney. One leading Sydney school has reported that as a consequence of its adoption of the weekly boarding concept, there has been a substantial improvement in their students' performance.

The Dean of Boarding, Mr Doug Galbraith, was delighted with the announcement of the scheme. He commented that 'in a busy family, it can be difficult for parents to monitor their son's school work. Students can easily fall behind in their work or be disorganised. Boarding at Scotch provides supervised, structured study periods each evening, with access to the Scotch teachers residing permanently in the Boarding House.'

The Director of Admissions, Dr Chris Commons, believes that weekly boarding will be a welcome alternative for many families. " Boarders have access to a huge range of school resources. Sports, music, the internet and our recreational facilities are all very popular and of course the warm and caring environment in the Boarding House is especially valued. Boarding is also of benefit to those students seeking extra tuitional support, as many of the teachers who live in the Boarding House are available to help the boys after class.

Dr Commons can be contacted regarding enquiries or expressions of interest in weekly boarding from parents. Please telephone the Admissions Office (03) 9810 4203) for further information.

Updated: Monday 24 June 2013