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Issues from 1998


The Olympics arrive early at Junior School

Junior School Olmpics On Friday the 11th of August, the Junior School produced a spectacular event that will be etched in every boy's mind for a long time to come. An Olympic Day was organised to replicate the 'real' Olympics and give the Junior School boys the experience of the Olympic spirit and endeavour.

The opening ceremony saw the boys, dressed in white and holding coloured helium filled balloons, parade onto the oval to form the Olympic rings.

They were accompanied by the appropriate national anthem and cheered on by the many parents and visitors that came to witness the event.

The Head of Junior School, Mr Guy Mason opened the games, and the school captain, Christopher Robson, read the Olympic oath. The balloons were released to symbolise the opening of the games and the Olympic flag was raised.

The torch arrived and was carried by high sporting achievers and ultimately lit the cauldron that burned throughout the games. At the same time, pigeons were released and the Junior School sang an inspiring song, 'Keep the Flame Alive'.

The games then commenced with enthusiastic boys and staff participating in a range of events that filled the Junior School oval with colour and energy.

Hurdles at Junior School Olympics All of this, combined with presentations by each year level on an aspect of the Olympics and a special healthy lunch, with cross age buddies on the oval, made a most memorable day for all.

Ms Cheryl McBride
Olympic Coordinator



Updated: Monday 24 June 2013