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Helping Others in the Community

During Immersion Week 2023, Year 11 students participating in the ‘Helping Others in Our Community’ Immersion Group had various opportunities to engage in volunteering endeavours.

They participated in a meal-packing activity for the charitable organisation, FORaMEAL. This organisation is dedicated to despatching emergency relief meals to individuals facing hardships in various crisis-stricken regions worldwide. Throughout a full day, the students worked in teams under the guidance and support of dedicated volunteers and achieved the commendable accomplishment of packing 15,100 meals.

Students also engaged in volunteer work at the Red Cross Derrimut Distribution Centre. Their involvement revolved around the task of sorting newly donated clothes. This valuable experience not only contributed to the noble cause of providing aid, but also served as a meaningful platform for raising awareness about the significance of recycling to mitigate wasteful practices.

On the concluding day of Immersion Week, students dedicated their time to volunteer at a Red Cross shop, actively contributing to the shop’s daily operations and functions.

We trust that these hands-on experiences have effectively demonstrated to the students the meaningful impact of volunteering and aiding others. It goes beyond simply understanding the challenges people face during difficult times; it underscores the profound significance of extending a helping hand, as even small gestures can make a significant difference.

Anne Orgeolet – Immersion Teacher

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