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Nurturing Leaders Through Nature and Adventure

Fairhaven will redefine outdoor education at Scotch. 

Scotch College is proud to announce the purchase of Fairhaven, a new 175-acre outdoor education facility near the picturesque coastal town of Mallacoota. Nestled on the border of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and with direct water access, this new venture promises to redefine outdoor education in a way that’s truly world class.

Fairhaven is set to become the epicentre of Scotch College’s Outdoor Education Program, offering an immersive and transformational experience for Year 9 boys. With plans to house 65-70 students at a time, the program aims to instil a sense of character, environmental stewardship and leadership skills in young minds.

Bordered by the UNESCO-protected Croajingolong National Park, students will be surrounded by an awe-inspiring natural wonderland. The facility’s access to water further enhances the opportunities for activities like kayaking, sailing and marine biology exploration.

Scotch’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals extends to our Outdoor Education Program. An experienced team of experts, who will be carefully selected for this endeavour, will guide students through a range of activities designed to foster teamwork, leadership and personal growth. From wilderness survival skills to environmental education, our students will be given the tools to truly appreciate and protect the environment. The immersive learning experience will include wildlife monitoring, caring for livestock, ecological studies and a deep understanding of the local ecosystem.

Scotch is keen to become an integral part of the Mallacoota community. The facility will serve as a hub for students with a focus on community service, fostering a sense of cooperation and shared responsibility for the environment.

While the project is in its early stages, our new facilities on the property will complement the natural surroundings. The design aims to be eco-friendly, ensuring minimal environmental impact and a harmonious coexistence with the biosphere reserve.

This exciting new venture by Scotch is not only a testament to the school’s commitment to holistic education but also a milestone in the realm of outdoor education. In the coming years, we look forward to fostering a generation of students who are not only academically excellent but also compassionate stewards of the environment and capable leaders in any endeavour they choose to pursue. This new natural environment in Mallacoota is set to become a canvas upon which these young minds will paint their bright futures.

With the acquisition of Fairhaven, Scotch aims to evolve and grow the boundaries of traditional education. We hope this project will be a testament to the power of experiential learning in fostering well-rounded, responsible and environmentally conscious leaders of tomorrow.

Jarrid Bartle – Head of Outdoor Education

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