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Mission Statement

To provide an enjoyable, quality, competitive and team orientated sporting program where students and coaches interact to assist boys’ physical and emotional development within the Associated Public Schools and wider sporting community.


Scotch philosophy

Key aspects from our Mission Statement in regard to our sporting program incorporate enjoyment, quality, team oriented, staff/student interaction and assisting boys’ physical and emotional development.

Through sport we aim to provide the opportunity for:

Individual involvement

Facilities, equipment, group numbers, positive coaching and suitable training drills = total involvement for each boy + skill and game knowledge improvement.

Personal achievement

We believe that all individuals under our care have the potential to achieve relative success and therefore enjoy their sporting involvement. As coaches we must create the right environment to assist their development.

Physical fitness

Our sports provide extensive opportunity for aerobic and anaerobic fitness development. Boys are encouraged to adhere to good lifestyle habits of rest, diet and physical activity, to help them achieve their full potential.

School spirit

Scotch representative sporting teams competing in the APS and other competitions assist in the development of school spirit. We encourage the boys to support other Scotch teams and sports as much as possible.

Self discipline

It is essential that boys understand the importance of discipline and, in particular, self discipline in sport. Sport offers many opportunities that require great self control for the benefit of individuals, team and our community.

Self esteem

Coaches are expected to create a positive and supportive environment so that each boy feels good about himself and his involvement in sport.


Coaches, boys and the general Scotch community must ensure that we play within the rules and respect opposition players, coaches, referees and spectators.

Staff - student interaction

Our sport programme provides the opportunity for boys and staff to relate to each other in a positive way outside the classroom.


All teams – Success can be judged on whether a boy is a better player, team member and person for having been involved with the group for the season.


We can all appreciate that enjoyment and success results from cohesive and unselfish play. We encourage our coaches to liaise with their squads in setting up ‘ team rules’ and ‘game plans’. Obviously, these will need to be rehearsed at training.

We have strategies for our sports and expect that continued improvement in coaching, facilities and equipment will help us achieve our aims.