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Many Scotch boys have an interest in, and capacity for, the identification of problems and solutions in niche areas, and the development of team-based solutions to real problems. Given the importance of non-routine analytical and interpersonal skills and the central place of commercialisation in the future world of education and work, the School places importance on programmes that develop boys’ enterprise skills, i.e. their ability to find, and then construct solutions to, difficult and important problems, and to successfully take those ideas to the marketplace.
Whether economic enterprise, as a means of creating employment and stimulating advances in emerging areas, or social enterprise which contributes to the greater good, the concept of enterprise sits at the heart of ongoing curricular and co-curricular developments.

An ‘Enterprise Club’, conceived of, and driven by, the boys of the School, and energised by the presence of the School’s talented Old Boy community, is one recent manifestation of our interest in this realm; the ‘Scotch Enterprise Project’ is another.