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Extension Studies

Academic departments can cite a piece of work which is of an exceptional standard. Cited work reflects the highest levels of achievement for the year level and subject area.

A copy of cited work is published here on the School’s Teaching and Learning website as an exemplar of high quality work for future students to consult.

Cited Work:

“The US-China Trade War and the Impacts on Australia” by Ben Collie, Semester Two, 2019

“Informal Letter in Italian” by Ben Graven, Semester Two, 2019

“Cuddly” by Marcus Peter, Semester Two, 2019

“On Global Citizenship” by Max Fan, Semester One, 2020

“First Home Investment” and “Real Estate” by Ronan Ahl, Semester One, 2020

“Thallium Persantine Cardiac Stress Test” by Alexander Claydon, Semester One 2020