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Young Old Boys' Programme

Since 2017 the School has engaged recently graduated Old Boys with expertise in, and a passion for, particular disciplines, to work in tandem with teachers.
Under the expert guidance of teachers in the English, Mathematics, Science, History, Languages, Art and Drama Departments, Old Boys have worked with individuals and small groups of boys across all year levels to hone skills, reinforce concepts and assist in the development of productive learning habits.

The young ‘Old Boy’ programme provides opportunity for recent graduates to pass on the interests and passions they discovered and developed at Scotch to the next generation of Scotch boys, and to ‘give back’ to their School.

‘Boys will often ask “how do you do that” or “how long did it take you to get that good?”’

‘…learning with a Young Old Boy allowed boys to freely communicate what areas they had difficulty with and … to not be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them’

‘… the privilege of being able to pass on my knowledge to future generations, so that they might pass it on in the future … [and] a means of giving back to the School … I have full faith that this is a rewarding experience for me, the boys and the teachers involved’