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Foundational Statement

Foundational Principle: The inherent value of each individual

Our purpose in the Art classroom is to inspire boys, invigorate their curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world and their imagination. Through appreciating human endeavour and respecting personal expression, our boys are encouraged to respond to artworks in an historic and cultural context. In the process, they are developing a greater self- awareness, empathy for humanity and acknowledgement of their dynamic world.

Foundational Question: How did the world evolve to be as it is and how might it be made to evolve for the greater good?

The ability to elevate the consciousness of the viewer is the aim of all great art. Making and discussing artworks is the natural response to, and poetic synthesis of curiosity. By sharing these personal and universal discoveries through art our boys engage and communicate in a tangible way with the physical world. Ultimately, they are contributing their hearts and minds to the pursuit of building healthy community through their creativity.