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Christian Education

Foundational Statement

Foundational Principle: The inherent value of each individual

Informed by the principles of the Christian faith and the teachings of the Bible, the Christian Education Department seek to awaken in each student:

  • a recognition that they are a person of inherent worth
  • a developing understanding of who they are, their place and role in the world
  • an understanding of life’s purpose and meaning
  • an appreciation and valuing of others, regardless of their differences

Foundational Question: How did the world evolve to be as it is and how might it be made to evolve for the greater good?

As a Christian Education department we thus seek to challenge boys to:

  • explore the deep intellectual capaciousness, spiritual richness and timeless practical guidance found in the Christian faith
  • understand how the Christian faith – academically, morally and socially – has contributed to the world we live in today
  • envisage how the teachings of Jesus might bring about a transformation of this world for the greater good