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Design and Technology

Foundational Statement

Foundational Principle: The inherent value of each individual

Individual and collaborative work, learning from the work of others, analysing and evaluating products and processes is a key element of all our courses. Design and Technology actively fosters an individual’s curiosity, values their interests and opinions and develops their critical thinking skills to not only utilise appropriate emerging technologies, but also become independent learners who design for a sustainable future.

Foundational Question: How did the world evolve to be as it is and how might it be made to evolve for the greater good?

Design and Technology inspires individuals to consider how design has evolved as a result of both technological advances as well as creative thinking. Through the application of an iterative design process, boys are encouraged to identify real life problems, consider the needs of others, experiment and create solutions to meet the demands of an evolving world. Boys aim to solve problems and seek solutions through a range of experiences which promote creativity and experimentation for the benefit of others.