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Foundational Statement

Foundational Principle: The inherent value of each individual

Geography is a vastly changing subject, necessarily so, in order to keep up with a rapidly changing world. Whilst people and place are still at its core, rapidly advancing geospatial technologies now abound in the Geography classroom and in the field. With this comes almost limitless opportunities to study the physical and human environments, and the ways they interconnect. With this in mind, boys are challenged from the outset of their Geography studies at Scotch to gain a better understanding of the natural and human environments of the local scale and expand out to the global scale. As they progress through the senior years there are opportunities to immerse themselves further in how the Earth continues to evolve in a physical sense. They also learn to compare and contrast the lives of people of other cultures, world views and ethnicities.

Foundational Question: How did the world evolve to be as it is and how might it be made to evolve for the greater good?

Whilst maps are crucial to the study of Geography, boys are invited to think at a deeper level and uncover what lies beneath the bigger issues that surround them every day. Although the Earth continues to come under enormous strain from burgeoning populations and the desire for resources, there are many opportunities to create a more sustainable future. Boys are encouraged to assess the impacts of change, evaluate current responses and then use their imaginations not only to seek positive change for the greater good, but actually to act upon this change, whether it be within the Scotch community, other parts of Australia or even on the world stage.

Ultimately when a boy completes his studies of Geography at Scotch at whatever level, it is envisaged he will leave as a young man confident that whilst as an individual his footsteps may seem only small, the positive changes he strives for can be boundless.