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Physical Education

Foundational Statement

Foundational Principle: The inherent value of each individual

The inherent philosophy behind Scotch College’s Physical Education program entails principles that teach boys the mechanics of physical activity, why it’s important, and how they can and should remain physically active on their own.  A primary goal of the curriculum is to develop physically literate individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary for a physically active lifestyle.

Foundational Question: How did the world evolve to be as it is and how might it be made to evolve for the greater good?

In combination with our Health Education program, the curriculum encourages exploration and mastery of physical, mental, emotional and social skills allowing all boys to develop and explore knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs and learn life skills and have the ability to adapt them to their own personal experiences.

The learning of such skills occurs over a wide variety of different sporting, activity, health, academic, well-being and safety contexts.