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The Admissions Process

An overview of the Scotch College Admissions process is provided below.

Further information is provided in the Enrolment Policy.

Step one


Parents are advised to apply as early as possible for places for their sons at Scotch, as the number of applications received is usually significantly higher than the number of places available. Applications are accepted from birth.

  • An Application Form must be completed and submitted to the Scotch College Admissions Office
  • Applications can be made online for standard intake years (Prep, Year 4, Year 7 and Year 9)
  • Enquiries regarding non-standard intake years should be made by email to the Admissions Office
  • The Application Fee must be paid at the time the Application Form is submitted
  • Every Application Form must be accompanied by, or followed by, a birth certificate
  • For children who hold non-Australian passports or birth certificates, evidence of Australian citizenship or residency visa must be provided on request

An application is a prerequisite for admission but not a guarantee of admission.

Applicants will be added to the waiting list for their relative year level and commencement year.

Acknowledgement of receipt of application will be emailed to you by the Admissions Office, confirming your son(s) have been added to the Waiting List.

Step two


Applications for enrolment will generally be accepted by the School in order of the date on which a properly completed Application Form was received (subject to payment of the application fee).

However, at the discretion of the School, applications may be given priority for enrolment based on criteria including:

  • Intake type (Day or Boarding)
  • Family or other association with the School
  • Siblings currently or previously at the School
  • Transfers from interstate or overseas schools similar to Scotch
  • Returning students who were offered a priority place at the time of departure
  • Academic record and potential
  • Co-curricular and leadership record and potential
  • Principles and values alignment
  • Willingness and ability to contribute to the wider life of the School
  • Good character, as evidenced by behaviours, attitudes and willingness to serve for the greater good
  • Sons of permanent staff members
  • Sons of Christian ministers and sons of Old Boys in full-time Christian ministry
  • Boys whose parents are committed and active members of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, or another protestant church whose teachings are generally consistent with those of the Presbyterian Church
  • Interview

Families interested in securing international student places should contact the Admissions Office to discuss admissions procedures as these vary from the standard process.

Boarding applications may be given priority on the waiting list according to the places available, subject to assessment and interview, and readiness for boarding. Boarders enter in Years 7-11.

Scotch College is committed to an open enrolment policy that is consistent with all applicable State and Commonwealth laws, including anti- discrimination, equal opportunity, privacy, and immunisation legislation.

Step three

Acceptance and confirmation

To secure a place at Scotch College families must accept and pay an enrolment fee and a holding fee by the specified date, which is normally two weeks after the offer is made. 

The enrolment fee is non-refundable and not transferable. It is not credited towards future tuition.

The holding fee is non-refundable and not transferable and is deducted from the second fee instalment account.

While both fees are non-refundable and non-transferable once paid they can be used for the particular applicant’s later entry into Scotch.

The Application Form and the Enrolment Agreement need to be signed and returned to the Admissions Office.

Applicants must also acknowledge that they have read and accept the terms of the Parent and School Community Code of Conduct.

Step four


We endeavour to ensure all students have a positive transition to the School by offering orientation programs tailored to the year of entry:

  • Transition to Prep

For boys starting their journey in Prep we recognise that school readiness is a common concern within families.  We are committed to assessing school readiness through a specially curated process involving a suite of internal and external professionals. Our Prep Workshops help provide a picture of school readiness for families, and for our teaching team, such that an informed decision about whether an immediate start for the boy is the best thing for him or not. Occasionally children are not ready to start school and in such cases we work with families to support them. The workshops also provide an opportunity for boys to familiarise themselves with the learning spaces and key staff. We welcome the opportunity to build relationships with all prospective families in order that we can best support every boy’s transition to Scotch and give them the chance to flourish. Prep workshops commence in Term 3 in the year prior to entry.

  • Transition to Year 4

Families of boys entering in Year 4 will be contacted in mid Term 2 prior to the year of commencement to arrange a meeting with the Head of Junior School.  This meeting will afford an opportunity to receive information about the Junior School and its programs and will include a short tour of the facilities.

  • Transition to Year 7

Families of boys entering in Year 7 will be provided with more comprehensive information between July and November prior to the year of commencement. The transition process will commence with an interview on campus. All new boys are requested to make an appointment with a member of the Middle School Leadership Team.  This meeting will include an opportunity for you to obtain further information about the Middle School program and have any questions that you might have answered.  This appointment is principally for your son; however, at least one parent must attend. Both parents are welcome to attend. If you are currently residing interstate or overseas, parents are asked to request a Zoom Interview.

  • Transition to Year 9

Families of boys entering in Year 9 will be provided with more comprehensive information between July and November prior to the year of commencement. The transition process will commence with an interview on campus. The interview will be with the respective Head of House. Interviews with the Head of Boarding will occur for those commencing as a boarder.


School Uniforms

New students are encouraged to book a personalised fitting appointment at the Scotch Shop located on the campus at 4 Morrison Street in Hawthorn.

Further information can be found by visiting: Scotch Shop – New Students 

Information relating to the Scotch College uniform and the Scotch Shop opening hours can be found by visiting: The Scotch Shop

Pre-owned uniforms can also be purchased from the Swap Shop which is located within the Scotch Shop.

Further information relating to the Swap Shop and pre-owned school uniforms can be found by visiting: The Swap Shop


Change of contact details

To ensure our records are correct and up to date, changes of contact information should be confirmed with the Scotch College Admissions Office via email: admissions@scotch.vic.edu.au

Failure to maintain up-to-date contact information may result in the application being cancelled.