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In Drama the boys will explore, depict and celebrate human experience by imagining and representing other people through live enactment. Drama is a collaborative art, combing physical, verbal and aural dimensions. In drama the boys will experience theatre and develop an understanding of the performer/audience relationship. Learning in drama can be both process and performance. The boys will have the opportunity to combine the elements of drama to make, present and respond to representations of human situations, characters, behaviour and relationships. They will make drama through dramatic play, role-play and improvisation, structuring the elements into play building, directing and scriptwriting. In presenting drama they will learn, as actors, to use body and gesture, voice and language, through interpretation and rehearsal processes as well as production and performance. In responding, the boys will learn about how drama contributes to personal, social and cultural identity. The boys will study the diversity of purposes, forms and styles in drama and theatre both contemporary and from other times, places and cultural contexts.