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German (LOTE)


In 1921, the philosopher Wittgenstein said: “ The limits of my language are the limits of my world”. If he means by this that our understanding of the world is set by the limits of our language, then it is vital that we can expand our students’ language if we are interested in their learning and their growth as individuals.


Learning another language broadens a student’s horizons. Understandings grow with regards to their relationships with the rest of the world. Students are exposed to new ways of thinking and discover new concepts and ideas as well as different cultures and histories. By providing opportunities to communicate with and about others, students are able to make links to define themselves, to understand and to use their own language better.


Scotch College is committed to the principles and practice of a Liberal Democracy

  • Whole School Themes
  • Rich Cultural Content
  • Senior Primary leadership
  • Highly motivational activities
Whole school themes, whilst taught at different levels give all students a common language base, which assist them to understand and enjoy presentations, performances or special activities and events. As a language and culture can’t be separated each unit of work will integrate unique and authentic aspects to give students a positive feel for Germany and German speaking countries as well as spark interesting discussions and further research. Older learners are provided with a real sense of ownership and a feeling of empowerment as they are encouraged to take on leading roles, to be involved in competitions, performances and the planning of cultural events. The merits of all activities are measured on the elements of fun and enjoyment, active involvement and success providing the students with the necessary experiences to practise and to want to use the language.