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Information and Communication Technology


In 1921, the philosopher Wittgenstein said: “ The limits of my language are the limits of my world”. If he means by this that our understanding of the world is set by the limits of our language, then it is vital that we can expand our students’ language if we are interested in their learning and their growth as individuals.
A number of computer applications are used to assist in the development of these skills and include stand-alone software packages as well as software suites or integrated packages, such as Microsoft Office applications and their OS equivalent such as and Pages and Numbers. The software used includes word processing, spreadsheeting, drawing and painting applications. We also make full use of multimedia applications. Boys also learn file manipulation using the Junior School network storage areas, hard drives and individual memory sticks.
All classes make full use of the Learning Management System, known as Desire 2 Learn (D2L). D2L ties together the use of information technology in both the home and the school. Each boy has a username and password that gives them access from an icon on the home page. Boys from Year 2 to Year 6 are taught how to utilitise this educational resource during ICT sessions.


Laptops are used in all of the classrooms to continue the practical use of skills taught after Information and Communication Technology classes. These computers are connected to the network via a wireless connection, allowing portability whilst still connected to the Junior School network.


Each Year 6 boy is provided with an iPad for his own use at School throughout his final year in the Junior School. All other Year levels are provided with a bank of 14 iPads to be used by the teachers in each class.