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The Harbig Library is situated in the centre of the school over two floors and is always the hub of activity. Open for the entire school day (including before school, lunchtime and after school), the library provides opportunities for a range of experiences for the boys and staff.
Aimed at supporting and enhancing the classroom programs it comprises:
  • A collection of non fiction and fiction books
  • A class set of desk top Mac computers with a comprehensive selection of software and internet access (shared with the ICT department)
  • Support materials for classrooms e.g. charts, posters, teachers reference books
  • Relaxation areas to curl up with a book, puppet or magazine
  • A selection of indoor games to challenge the mind
  • A state of the art cataloguing and retrieval system (linked with the Senior School Library)
  • A collection of DVDs
  • Two interactive whiteboards (one downstairs and one upstairs) for hands on learning
The teaching and learning practices in the library lessons encourage the boys to:
  • Foster a love and use of literature for a variety of purposes
  • Use literature to stimulate and motivate the desire to read a wider variety of material
  • Identify and study the various genres relating to literature
  • Identify the characteristics of specific authors and their contribution to literature
  • Participate in workshops with visiting authors and illustrators
  • Develop reading and writing skills to assist with their academic progress
  • Develop the information literacy process, i.e. defining, locating, selecting, processing, creating and evaluation strategies
  • Develop strategies to assist with assignments and homework
  • Use correct procedure with referenced material, e.g. bibliography
  • Develop a discerning attitude towards the use of the internet within education and society