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Physical Education

Junior Primary (Prep to Year 2)

The Physical Education program in the Junior Primary years provides all boys with the opportunity to develop large and fine motor skills and fitness in a pastoral, safe and fun environment.
During each session, boys will experience large motor movements such as running (forwards and backwards), sidestepping, skipping, hopping and jumping. Students also develop spatial awareness whilst performing these movements, which is an important aspect of each lesson. These large motor movements are often put into games and activities to practise the skills introduced. Fundamental motor skills will be emphasised during the year. The boys will be introduced to the correct techniques of throwing, catching, fielding, hitting, basketball dribbling, feet skills with different footballs amongst other things. The boys will be appropriately challenged with these fundamental motor skills according to their individual ability level. Furthermore, game sense activities will also prepare the boys for future competition and play. House Sports begin at Year 3 so preparation takes place for House T-Ball, Footy, Soccer and Rapid Fire Cricket.
The boys will be challenged to play fair and honestly and learn how to become the best teammate they can. They will be introduced to concepts surrounding how a Scotch boy gives his best anytime, anyplace and anywhere.
Year 2 boys will be actively involved in an intensive swimming program commencing in Term 1. Water familiarisation, water safety and stroke development will be covered during the intensive program. Prep to Year 2 boys will also have the opportunity to participate in whole school House activities. In Term 2, the House Cross Country will be held on the Scotch lower ovals. The Prep to Year 2 boys will run a course of approximately 1km in length. All boys in Junior Primary will have preparation during classes leading up to the event to ensure each boy is able to complete the course.
Commencing in Term 2 and concluding in Term 3, the Prep boys will become involved in the PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) which will develop fine and large motor skills, balance, strength and co-ordination. Parental assistance in the program is essential to ensure the program meets the challenges of the boys but ultimately to ensure the safety of each and every boy.
In Term 4, Prep and Year 1 boys will participate in an intensive swimming program. Water familiarisation is the focus of the program where we teach the boys the importance of respecting the water whilst also challenging all ability levels; teaching stroke technique in the pool to all boys.

Upper Primary (Years 3 to 6)

The Physical and Sport Education program is a well-balanced, integrated, comprehensive skill based program. Participation in physical activities provides opportunities for relaxation, enjoyment, recreation, fitness, social interaction and competition.
The boys are provided with a sequential program which involves learning and developing skills in swimming, ball handling, movement, running, striking games and other hand eye game challenges.
In 1921, the philosopher Wittgenstein said: “ The limits of my language are the limits of my world”. If he means by this that our understanding of the world is set by the limits of our language, then it is vital that we can expand our students’ language if we are interested in their learning and their growth as individuals.

Throughout the year, the boys will gain skills and knowledge in the following areas:

Swimming: leading into House competition
Long Distance Running (Cross Country): leading into House competition
Track and Field Events: leading into House competition
Touch Rugby
Table Tennis
Fitness, Team Work and Sportsmanship
Learning another language broadens a student’s horizons. Understandings grow with regards to their relationships with the rest of the world. Students are exposed to new ways of thinking and discover new concepts and ideas as well as different cultures and histories. By providing opportunities to communicate with and about others, students are able to make links to define themselves, to understand and to use their own language better.
In Term 3, all boys from Prep to Year 6 participate in the Family Day Athletics Carnival.