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The Beginning

All boys and their parents are welcomed to the beginning of their learning journey at Scotch College. Our aim is for each boy to be nurtured, guided and challenged to reach their full potential academically, socially and spiritually.
Scotch College Junior School boys in the Prep Year are provided with opportunities that enable them to develop their ability to both work and play, confidently and consistently, within the whole school community. The school focuses on the development of core skills and understandings related to Physical, Personal and Social Learning, Discipline Based Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning.
Over the course of the Prep Year, it is expected the boys will develop social skills that allow them to understand classroom behaviors, develop friendships, make connections between home and school, work with others by participating in group activities, care for and respect others, display courtesy and play cooperatively.
As they develop a sense of belonging they are supported in the development of skills that promote thinking processes and communication. It is important each boy is aware of the need to reflect on their learning, to ask questions and to develop simple explanations.
They will spend time developing initial competencies in literacy and numeracy that will form a strong foundation for future years.