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Visual Arts


Art lessons in the Junior Art Studio begin in Prep and boys attend classes for 60 minutes per cycle. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional media and techniques are explored during sessions. Areas such as textiles, pottery, painting, printing, drawing, collage and construction (using media such as paper maché and modroc) are often integrated around a theme or concept being explored within the classroom.
Art Club is an extra class that runs during lunchtime. All students (in Years One to Six) are welcome to participate all year. Year Prep boys are welcome from Term Two. It is a voluntary activity time where students can continue working on their art pieces or choose to create an individual project outside classes.
While working in the studio, boys are encouraged to:
  • enjoy activities and develop their confidence using a variety of media
  • be original, explore concepts and develop ideas
  • improve skills, techniques and processes through regular practice
  • present their work for display and discussion
  • develop their own critical awareness and ability to analyse art works from the past and present
  • become aware of cultural diversity
  • appreciate the role of technological change
Having a purpose is often an important part of art making. All work is valued and frequently placed on display for a period of time before taking it home. Art pieces will be on display in the Art Studio, Assembly Hall and Junior School Foyer throughout the year. Boys are also encouraged to display their work in the community.