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Year 1

Continuous Learning

The importance of continuous learning is highlighted in Year One. Mathematics concepts continue to be built, reading and writing skills are enhanced and investigations in Science and History are provided to engage and challenge the boys.
Scotch College Junior School boys in Year One are provided with opportunities that enable them to develop their ability to both work and play, confidently and consistently, within the whole school community. The school focuses on the development skills and understandings related to Physical, Personal and Social Learning, Discipline Based Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning.
By the end of Year One, the boys’ social skills and work habits will have developed to a level where they are responsible learners, can use their initiative to solve problems and have the confidence and skills to work cooperatively with others. They should be able to concentrate on and complete set tasks, follow directions and have the independence and maturity to take responsibility for their actions and belongings.
The boys will have a sense of belonging and be further supported in the development of skills that promote thinking processes and communication. It is important that each boy is aware of the need to reflect on their learning, monitor their progress, ask questions and develop explanations.
Year One boys will have spent time mastering competencies in a range of academic areas, including the development of fundamental literacy and numeracy skills, which form a strong foundation for future years.