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Year 3


An exciting transition to the Senior Primary section of the school allows the boys to experience a wide range of inter House activities, sporting events, music and drama performances and a camping program.
Scotch College Junior School boys in Year Three are provided with opportunities that enable them to develop their ability to both work and play confidently and consistently within the whole school community. The school focuses on the development of skills and understandings related to Physical, Personal and Social Learning, Discipline Based Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning.
It is expected that Year Three boys will have developed relationships with peers that provide opportunities for social growth, participation in group activities, learning to care for and respect others, displaying courtesy, playing cooperatively, accepting responsibility for their own behaviour and being aware of appropriate conduct in diverse situations. Desirable work habits include the ability to persevere and concentrate on tasks, work independently and cooperatively, use time wisely by setting goals and present work in an acceptable manner.
The boys will have developed skills that promote thinking processes and communication. It is important each boy is aware of the need to reflect on their learning, monitor their progress, ask questions and develop simple explanations.
They will spend time developing specific knowledge and skills in a wider range of academic areas, and will be consolidating key literacy and numeracy skills, which form a strong foundation for future years.