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The Scotch curriculum, though challenging, is broad and comprehensive until the middle years. Some subject choice is made at Years 8 and 9 but specific choices are postponed for as long as practicable.
Scotch teachers are highly qualified specialists; many are at the forefront of curriculum development and teaching innovation in Victoria and Australia. The primary focus of Scotch teachers is engaging each boy in “learning conversations”. These conversations provide teachers with the information they need to tailor an approach that best meets the learning needs of each boy.
Languages form an important part of the curriculum and are a compulsory core subject from Year 7 to Year 9. In Year 7 boys study two languages, choosing from Chinese, French, German, Indonesian or Italian. In Year 8 students continue with one or both of the Languages studied in Year 7. From Year 9 onwards, Beginners Indonesian is offered and, in addition to a modern language, Latin can be studied. Boys retain at least one modern language until the end of Year 9.